Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Kanban kit

I've just made a couple of cards with this Dawn Bibby kit from QVC. I know a lot of people absolutely loathe these kind of kits, but I have mixed feelings about them. I find that many people who receive them absolutely love them, but my crafty head says they are a bit of a cheat, and look a bit naff. But a friend told me recently that a card I made from this kit was the nicest one I've ever made any of her family, and I had excelled myself! So I can distress, stitch and stamp to my heart's content, but sometimes people just don't 'get' some of the things I do, and like these cards best and I'm all for making people happy :) I'm not a cutesy crafter, but something about this Kanban kit appealed to me. Some of the cardstock  is absolutely gorgeous. I love spotty patterns and there are several in this kit. You can say what you like about Kanban, but the quality of their cardstock really is good. This peach spotty card makes a really sturdy diamond pop up. I have the spotty ribbon in several colours. It's an absolute bargain at  £2.99 for 25 metres from Grafton Crafts.

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