Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hybrid birthday card for a coffee lover

I've made this card using one of the digikits that came with my version of Serif Craft Artist. I printed the various elements on to glossy printer paper and mounted them on to dark brown card. The insert is also printed with a coffee mug design .
The words are attributed to Ronald Reagan and say
"You shouldn't drink coffee at work" and on the inside of the card, "it keeps you awake in the afternoons!"
I've made this for my hard-working teacher friend who survives on intravenous caffeine. I've bought a retro-style metal plaque with a Fifties housewife saying " Coffee! - if you're not shaking you need another cup", a packet of fancy coffee and a bar of posh chocolate to go along with it.


  1. Perfect card for your friend. x

  2. what a fun card for your friend I bet she will love it - I do it's brilliant xx