Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Humphrey's Corner adoption congratulations card to the grandparents

I found this really sweet image on one of my Crafter's Companions Humphrey's Corner CD-Roms. I can't remember which one the images came from (either Crafting Collection or A Year with Humphrey) as I was dotting between the two. The spotty yellow paper which you may just be able to make out, and the purple text paper is from the CDs too. The yellow paper was digitally recoloured within the program to make it paler and less orangey.
You might just be able to make out an alternative to Flower Soft on the flowers on the bottom right hand side of the photo. This was an idea I saw a while ago on Jennifer McGuire's blog, but I'm afraid I can't find the direct link to her post. It is very easy to do. Just put little dabs of strong glue on your flower image, then working above your project, scrape your scissors along the edge of some coloured card. Little fine fluffy bits of card will fall on to your project and stick to the glue, giving a wee bit of texture to your flower.


  1. A really lovely card, I love the soft colours x

  2. This is really sweet Annette. Humphrey is so cute and I love your choice of colours.

    I agree it would be funny if your friends were my friend's neighbours. I know the children are arriving soon. Susan was saying her husband was helping them to make up some new furniture they had bought for the children.

    Kat xx