Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bennachie layout 2

Here's another LO of our May Day trip up to the top of Bennachie last year. Once again, I've used lots of bits and pieces from Quirky Kits Lite, mixing up lots of different kits. As I don't have any of the (hilariously named) Mr Hueys or similar, I made the splashes with slightly watered down acrylic paint.

You can see below how I added a couple of extra photos to the layout by having tabs to allow them to be pulled out from behind the main photos. They can be easily reached and viewed with the LO still in its page protector.




  1. Thats fab Annette. Glad Im not the only one who sniggers at the Mister Hueys lol. The watered down paint looks great

  2. Two lovely layouts, Annette. I really should do some scrapping. I have lots of blank scrapbooks bought years ago, and they're all in a drawer under the bed.

    I have put a link on my blog to the tutorial for those pompom flowers x

  3. love how you got so many photos in