Monday, 8 October 2012

Quick and easy pop up card tutorial

I spent a little time yesterday trying to find a way of making a really simple pop up for the inside of a card, on to which embellishments - die cuts etc - can be adhered, and came up with this. I was going to design it on my Craft Robo, but it is really so simple to do, it wouldn't be worth the effort of switching the pc on.

I've used the largest scallop circle die in a standard set of Nestabilities to form the pop up and the pop up sits 3cm out from the card. This size works well inside a 15cm square card. I used quite a thick card, but it would be better made with thin card or even acetate to reduce the bulk. It can be used in a tent fold or side opening card.

The tutorial shows the basic method I came up with to make the pop up, but it can be tweaked as needed, eg, using a fancy bracketed square instead of a scalloped circle, increasing the size of the base shape, altering the depth of the pop up shelf etc.

I hope you find the tutorial useful, and easy to's my first!



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  1. Brilliant tutorial Annette thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us xx