Monday, 5 November 2012

Golden wedding anniversary cake

I've never made a celebration cake in my life before - never iced a cake, and never made a fancy topper, but thought I'd have a go for my mum and dad.

I got the idea from a girl at church who made a cake to celebrate her daughter's dedication, by using a rocky road type tray bake mixture for the cake, then iced it with Dr Oetker's fondant icing, and I thought that seemed a great idea, and good for a beginner like me as the cake doesn't require any baking.

I started off by multiplying by three the recipe my friend supplied for the cake. I dread to think how many calories the cake included, but I threw in two pouches of Maltesers, two Mars bars, four and a half bars of chocolate, almost two packets of butter and enough digestives to keep a large office happy for a week. This recipe is not to be found in any slimming manual!

I packed this mixture in to a deep 7” cake tin, and once it had been in the fridge for a couple of hours, I draped it in the fondant icing and smoothed it down. I used a heart cutter to press a design around the top edge and added a ribbon around the bottom.

I made a wired topper for the cake by using various lengths of coated florist wire, to which I attached hearts and stars cut from gold and cream card with Sizzix dies. I inserted the wires in to a posey pick which had been filled with Pinflair glue.

It was very far from perfect, but for a first attempt and when viewed in low lighting from a distance, it looked passable, and my mum and dad loved it and appreciated the effort, which made me happy :)

Here's a look at the inside. Yum!



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  1. Well done Annette, your cake looks great. I can bake and and marzipan and ready rolled icing but it's the decorating that gets me! I like the sound of your ingredients and the finished cake looks very elegant.

    Kat xx