Thursday, 6 December 2012

Bad review for

I've never felt the need to do this before, but since it is my blog and I can therefore indulge myself, and it is read by folk in the crafting world who may well come across, I thought I would give a little review of and its associated businesses, as a little warning to others. There are a few bad reviews for on line, and I wish I'd read them before ordering. Any good reviews have been left by people who didn't experience any problems with their order, and as the website is okay, the prices okay, and the delivery okay, I would have definitely gone on to use them again, and been none the wiser. However, the measure of a company is how they treat their customers when there is a problem, and this is where fail. My hope is that you have landed on this site through a search engine, and read this before you deal with them, so welcome! has a few websites (,, uk, and which fall under the same umbrella.

I was excited to find as they have a good range of products. Unfortunately, one of the items I ordered was not fit for purpose. The phone number they supply with their Paypal receipt is false, and a request via their website to phone me to discuss the problem, which took some time to explain, was refused. I found difficult to deal with and my problem was not resolved to my satisfaction. After numerous emails, they did eventually offer to refund but this wasn't an option for me as I needed to make the best of what I had due to time constraints, so my problem was never resolved. Although seemed completely incapable of accepting or understanding my problem, a goodwill gesture that would have cost them a few pounds would have completely resolved the problem and led to many future orders. A great shame that their customer service is so lacking. I placed an order of almost £100, and several hundred pounds worth of orders would have followed for Easter, Mother's Day etc. throughout the year, as I order for two toddler groups, have an input to a kids' club and had already recommended them to a Rainbows leader, who has now been told of the issues I have had. Huge customer service fail on their part, and I'd recommend them to no one.


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  1. Oh, Annette, I'm so sorry to hear this! I've never heard of the company before, but thank you for the warning as I may have come across them in the future.