Saturday, 26 January 2013

Burns Day wine bottle and beer gift tag

We have been invited to a Burns supper tonight and I have made these tags to decorate the wine and beer that we are taking along. Each tag has a poem penned by Robert Burns which is fitting to the drink to which it is attached.

You can listen to the words being read here and here.

On the wine bottle, I've made a tag with the bard's poem in praise of wine, Here's a Bottle and an Honest Friend. I've used a red rose along with the thistle, to symbolise the friendship between ourselves and the English neighbours who are hosting the Burns supper. Both tags were computer printed on to hammered cream card, then distressed with Antique Linen and Walnut Distress ink. The computer ink smudged a bit when I was distressing the tags, but I decided the effect added to the overall look of the tags so I deliberately smudged the ink some more and just went with it!

On the bottles of beer, there is his poem extolling the virtues of ale, O Gude Ale Comes and Gude Ale Goes


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  1. What a lot of thought has gone into your gift and i'm sure they were appreciated. Hope the Burns night went well. x