Saturday, 27 April 2013

Embossed less is more birthday card

I bought this embossing folder, Hobby Solution Ball Flowers, when I was at the SECC in March and this is the first card I've made with it. I love the shape of the flower and thought it would compliment the Inkylicious Allium stamps on some future project. I embossed the flowers on to thick pearl card, then added glitter to all the balls, although I'm not sure if that shows up. The sentiment is from an Anna Griffin set from QVC.

The seam binding has been added using a technique I quite like to do as it is really secure and requires no glue. Punch a hole in the card where you want the knot to be, then wrap the ribbon around the front of the card bringing the ends to the back, then through the hole to the front. Tie the ends around the ribbon at the front to form a neat knot.

Note how the mark left on the card by the edge of the embossing folder has been cunningly disguised with a couple of embossed lines!

The insert was embossed too.




  1. Stunning card Annette! Love the way you've tied the ribbon - it looks so neat! I'll definitely be trying that. Gorgeous embossed image.

  2. Gorgeous Annette. The embossing is really lovely, nice and crisp. Thanks for sharing the tip about the way you tied your ribbon.

    Kat x

  3. This is gorgeous, Annette. Such simplicity but really pretty. Love how you tied your ribbon, what a great way to secure it :) xx

  4. Your embossing folder is gorgeous and love the way you've tied your ribbon. Thanks for the tip. x