Saturday, 2 November 2013

Baby cheque wallet card tutorial using Serif Craft Artist

I made this wallet card to give a cheque to a new baby. I created a document on Serif Craft Artist, dividing the page in to three sections with straight lines where I wanted the folds to be. The first section which has the greeting, and folds inside to create a pocket is shorter than the other sections. Using the lines as a guide to where to place the text, I positioned the baby's name in one section, the message of congratulations in another and the 'made with love' message in the middle section, rotating the text by 180° so it reads the right way when the card is folded.


I used my Sizzix Bigz Word Play die by Tim Holtz to cut the baby letters, and I used these die cuts to get the positioning of 'Sebastian' correct by holding them up against the screen. I use this technique quite a lot, where I resize my page on screen to actual size, then hold things up against the screen to work out the placement. It's maybe a little primitive but I find it easier than using rulers or entering actual co-ordinates to position text or objects on screen.

Once I'd positioned the text, I reduced the transparency of the lines to 0 so they wouldn't print.

After printing the card, I scored at 6cm and 16.5cm, and punched a decorative edge to the front panel. The inside flap with the sentiment was stuck down on two edges to create a pocket for the cheque.

The finished wallet card fits in a DL envelope.

The letters are raised up with Pinflair glue.

Just a quick word about Serif Craft Artist - I know I've banged on about it before, but it really is the best program I have ever used for crafting. It is so intuitive and straight forward to use, and the ability to create unique printed designs on any size of card I have or want to create through the custom settings is invaluable to me. It's brilliantly simple to print custom inserts for cards too. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a crafting program, especially if they have already tried and failed with Photoshop etc.


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